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Alternative Name(s) ??? -?????;  Liebe(German);  Lightly;  Love;  Αγάπη (Greek);  アガペ;  アガペ -犯罪交渉人;  アガペ 犯罪交渉人一乗はるか 
Release Year2004
Status Ongoing
Authors Kashima JunSakuragi YayaUda Maki 
Artists Ishiguro MasakazuSakuragi YayaUda Maki 
Genres ActionComedyDramaMatureMysteryPsychologicalRomanceSchool LifeSeinenShoujoYaoi 
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The metropolitan police have a special squad of negotiators for talking down violent criminals in hostage situations and so forth. The two top negotiators have great knowledge of human psychology and experience in dealing with criminals, but they are missing something important.

They are searching for someone who is capable of agape love-- unconditional and selfless love for all people. Such a person would be able to develop rapport easily with criminals, and therefore be a natural negotiator. Instead of finding a person like this on the police force, they find her in the form of the teenage girl Haruka. Will they be able to persuade her to become a negotiator for the police?
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AGAPE Vol.01 Ch.003
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Feb 12th, 2011
AGAPE Vol.01 Ch.002
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Feb 12th, 2011
AGAPE Vol.01 Ch.001
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Feb 12th, 2011