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Alternative Name(s) Avhengig av curry (Norwegian);  Beroende av curry (Swedish);  Curry naru Shokutaku;  Karei naru Shokutaku;  اعتیاد به کاری(persian-farsi);  カレーなるしょくたく;  カレーなる食卓;  华丽咖喱食桌;  華麗なる食卓;  화려한 식탁 
Release Year2001
Status Ongoing
Authors Funatsu KazukiFUNATSU Kazuki 
Artist Funatsu Kazuki 
Genres ComedyCookingDramaEcchiMatureRomanceSeinenShounenSlice of Life 
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Addicted to Curry
Sonezaki Yui is in a quandary. Her family's curry shop, Ganesha, was failing for lack of customers, and now her father has disappeared, ostensibly on a quest to learn more about curry. With his absence, the shop is sure to fail. Then she comes across a drifter, Koenji Makito, who turns out to be an old acquaintance of her father. Makito persuades Yui to keep the store open, and proves to her that his skill at making curry is worth her trust. But powerful enemies lurk, waiting for a chance to destroy Ganesha
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