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Alternative Name(s) A Prince Needs a Princess (Harlequin Pink);  Fukigen na Oujisama;  Harlequin Pink: A Prince Needs a Princess;  The Tycoon Prince;  不機嫌な王子様 
Release Year2005
Status Completed
Author Mcmahon Barbara 
Artists Mcmahon BarbaraKishida Reiko 
Genres DramaJoseiOne ShotRomanceShoujo 
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A Prince Needs a Princess
Clarissa is on a mission. The Kingdom of Marik needs a prince, and it's Clarissa's job to see that Jack Brown takes on his rightful position--even if he doesn't want to. Is it just Marik and the king that need Jack, or will Clarissa get her prince, too?
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A Prince Needs a Princess Vol.01 Ch.000
MF   RM   MH  
Jun 29th, 2015