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Alternative Name(s) A Fairytale Judas;  A Million Pound Love;  Metal and the Bride;  Noah's Spaceship;  One More Myth;  Reiko Shimizu S;  Reiko Shimizu Short Stories Collection;  Reiko Shimizu Short Stories Collection #1 
Release Year1984
Status Completed
Author Shimizu Reiko 
Artist Shimizu Reiko 
Genres ComedyDramaFantasyOne ShotPsychologicalRomanceSci-fiShoujoTragedy 
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A Million-Pound Love
This is a collection of seven oneshot stories which were already published.

Released so far...

1) A Million Pound Love: a 80 year-old lady asks a 20 year-old playboy to marry her as a last wish, in exchange for one million pounds.

2) A Fairytale Judas
The Nobles can fly, are as white as snow, maybe whiter and even brighter.

3) Noah's Spaceship
The eighteen year old Junior is suddenly switched with the fourteen year old Junior.

4) Metal and the Bride
Jack is a talented man, or is he?
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