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Alternative Name(s) Una casa a Venezia 
Release Year1996
Status Ongoing
Authors Mattioli GiovanniVinci Vanna 
Artists Mattioli GiovanniVinci Vanna 
Genres DramaJoseiMysteryRomanceShoujoSupernatural 
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A House in Venice
An art college students moves in Venice to study, she starts to live in her new room, part of an old huge historical mansion and she discovers a new world of secrets linked to her young, mysterious landlord. A gothic romance story and a vampire tale which flows around Venetian laguna and roman museums; a manga rich of suggestions and images with a passional storytelling, a deep noir drawing style and melancholic mood. From Italians to Japanese.
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A House in Venice Vol.01 Ch.001.2
Dec 11th, 2017
A House in Venice Vol.01 Ch.001
RM   MH  
Jun 29th, 2015