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Alternative Name(s) 4/4;  A, A Prime;  A-A';  X+Y;  XY (Moto Hagio) 
Release Year1981
Status Completed
Author Hagio Moto 
Artist Hagio Moto 
Genres DramaGender BenderJoseiPsychologicalRomanceSci-fiShoujoShounen-Ai 
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A, A'
The story A, A' raises a troubling question: How would you feel if your lover died - and was replaced by a clone? Could you recreate your relationship with someone who was physically exactly the same but didn't share any memories of your life together?

In 4/4, teenaged Mori flunks out of an ESP training program. But when he meets Trill, a beautiful Unicorn, his latent abilities begin to blossom...

In X+Y, Hagio uses science fiction to explore questions of gender and sexual identity. Time has passed, and once again, Mori finds himself inexorably attracted to a member of the unicorn race - but this unicorn is male... and so is Mori.

X+Y won   ...more
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A, A' Vol.01 Ch.000
Dec 11th, 2017