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Alternative Name(s) 7 Mầm sống (Vietnamese);  7 Siizu;  7Seeds;  Sebun Sh?zu;  Septynios sėklos (Lithuanian);  سبعة بذور (Arabic);  سبعة حبوب;  سبعة حبوب (Arabic);  هفت دانه;  هفت دانه (Persian);  セブン シーズ;  幻海奇情;  幻海奇缘;  幻海迷情;  秘园情人;  7SEEDS 
Release Year2002
Status Ongoing
Authors Tamura YumiTAMURA Yumi 
Artist Tamura Yumi 
Genres ActionAdventureDramaHorrorJoseiMysteryPsychologicalRomanceSci-fiShoujo 
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Read Direction Read from Left to Right (manhwa style)
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7 Seeds
Natsu wakes up to find herself thrown out in the middle of an ocean. The last thing she remembers is going to sleep in her own bed. She finds she's with 7 strangers, and none of them remembers boarding a plane or a ship. The group gets stranded on an island full of strange plants and creatures. There, the "guide" explains to them about 7SEEDS, a government project to ensure humanity's survival, set into motion when scientists around the world predicted the destruction of earth. In Japan, 5 groups of 7 people, plus a guide for each group were put into cold sleep, only to be released when the climate is suitable for their survival. But when Natsu's group is confronted wit  ...more
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