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Alternative Name(s) 5時から始まるヒミツの時間。;  From 5'o Clock It Starts - The Secret Hour;  午后5点的秘密时光 
Release Year2005
Status Ongoing
Author Amane Yuko 
Artist Amane Yuko 
Genres RomanceShoujoSmutSupernatural 
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5ji kara Hajimaru Himitsu no Jikan
16-year-old Hina's first job is with a 19th-century British enthusiast, Shuusei-san, as his maid. Even the way of cleaning has to be from the 19th century! Even so, this sweet gentleman makes Hina's heart beat so fast! There is actually another person in this residence, Mary Lou. She's as cute as a doll, but... she's, she's... a ghost?!
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