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Alternative Name(s) 3 a.m. Dangerous Zone;  3am's Lawless Zone;  Gozen 3 Ji no Muhouchitai;  Gozen 3-ji no Muhouchitai;  凌晨三点的混乱地带;  午前3時の無法地帯 
Release Year2008
Status Completed
Author Nemu Youko 
Artist Nemu Youko 
Genres ComedyDramaJoseiRomanceSlice of Life 
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Read Direction Read from Left to Right (manhwa style)
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3 AM Dangerous Zone
Momoko, who dreams of becoming an illustrator, finds employment in an ultra fast-paced office that specializes in designing pachinko parlors!! With the office running a yazuka-like business and employing a designer, who has a habit of suddenly stripping in the middle of the night, Momoko believes that the company employees are a bit... no, definitely eccentric!! She continues pulling all-nighters, unable even to return home... And in the midst of cigarette-filled fumes, where women's authority takes a step back, she asks herself, "Why am I here?"
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