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Alternative Name(s) 1999 July in Shanghai;  1999 Nen No Shichigatsu;  1999 年七の月~上海;  1999-nen Shichi no Gatsu - Shanghai;  1999nen 7 no Tsuki Shanghai;  1999上海夜未眠;  The Seventh Month in 1999 - Shanghai 
Release Year1996
Status Completed
Authors Mizushiro SetonaMIZUSHIRO Setona 
Artist Mizushiro Setona 
Genres ActionDramaRomanceShounen-AiTragedyYaoi 
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1999 Shanghai
"1999" is an angsty and widely varied series about a bunch of teenagers. One of them is the son of a drug lord and so as you can imagine, all sorts of shit goes down, surrounded by a backdrop of convoluted and fluctuating interpersonal relationships.

This is a plot heavy manga with some mildly-explicit sexual activity.
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