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Alternative Name(s) 17 Seisho;  17s Seisho;  18diary;  18岁日记;  Tadashii Hoshi no Miagekata;  じゅうはちダイアリー 
Release Year2003
Status Completed
Author Akira Shouko 
Artist Akira Shouko 
Genres DramaOne ShotRomanceSchool LifeShoujoSports 
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Read Direction Read from Left to Right (manhwa style)
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18 Diary
18 years old, the final summer in a high school life. Uchiyama Ayako from the swimming club is secretly in love with her classmate Kitamura, and yet everybody knows that Kitamura is secretly in love with his childhood friend. As Kitamura wanted to learn how to swim, he had asked Ayako to teach him. What can Ayako do to express her feelings?!
From Ochibichan 
ChapterOnline ReaderDate Added
18 Diary Vol.01 Ch.003
MR   MH  
Jun 27th, 2016
18 Diary Vol.01 Ch.001
MR   MH  
Jun 27th, 2016
18 Diary Ch.002
Jun 27th, 2016