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Alternative Name(s) 17 sai Natsu Seifuku no Jouji;  17-sai Natsu -Seifuku no Jouji-;  17岁,夏.制服的情事;  17歳夏 制服の情事;  The Affair of my 17th Year;  The Summer Uniform Affair of My 17th Year 
Release Year2006
Status Completed
Author Watanabe Shiho 
Artist Watanabe Shiho 
Genres DramaMatureOne ShotRomanceSchool LifeShoujoSmut 
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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17 Sai Natsu - Seifuku no Jouji
A collection of short oneshots, all involving unrequited love in some form and that love sort of being returned with time.

1) 17 Sai Natsu
Aki connfessed one year ago to Yoh, but he was going out with someone at the time. So, when she finds out they broke up; what she does might be good at first. But in the end will she be happy with Yoh? Or will something go horribly wrong?

2) 17 Sai Fuyu
Yui loves Maki, her childhood friend, but does Maki love her? During winter break she goes to her aunt's (where Maki lives) and confesses her love. Does Maki love her too? Or is she going to end up with a broken heart?

3) 17 Sai Haru
One senten  ...more