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Alternative Name(s) 13 nichi wa Kinyoubi?;  13-nichi wa Kinyoubi?;  13日は金曜日?;  Friday the 13th?;  The 13th is a Friday?;  黑色星期五 
Release Year2003
Status Ongoing
Author Enomoto Chizuru 
Artist Enomoto Chizuru 
Genres MysterySchool LifeShoujoSupernatural 
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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13nichi wa Kin'youbi?
Ema is obsessed with ghosts, and is even part of her school's occult club. She'll do anything that has to do with some crazy superstition about ghosts or spirits, and make sure that she goes out of her way to do it. Ema is known for this at school, and the series follows her pursues to find ghosts. Ema, unfortunately, cannot see the things that she loves, unlike a few of her friends...
From StarryHeaven