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Alternative Name(s) 100 Kutukan Yuko-chan;  Yuuko-chan 100 Renpatsu!!;  Yuuko-chan(vietnam);  幽子ちゃん100連発!! 
Release Year2000
Status Ongoing
Author Kusunoki Kei 
Artist Kusunoki Kei 
Genres ComedyRomanceSchool LifeSupernatural 
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Read Direction Read from Right to Left (manga style)
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100 Ways of an Exorcist
Soon after transferring to a new school, Mayu Kodabutsu recieves a love letter from a cute girl named Yuuko Hai... Expecting the envy of his classmates, Mayu is surprised to recieve condolences instead. You see, Yuuko Hai is no ordinary 5th grader... She's an exorcist. And Mayu is destined to experience her 100 terrifying ways.
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